Pour  mes amies et amis anglophones ..fan de recettes indiennes. 

Je publie (in English sorry) la recette de mon amie Sudha..c'est tout simplement délicieux et j'ai adoré ce potage.  Pour les ingrédients- à Bruxelles il y a de nombreuses épiceries indiennes , près du musée des Sciences naturelles et aussi Avenue Georges Henry. 

Le tamarindo est facultatif m'a signalé Sudha..

Beau voyage gastronomique aux pays des 1000 et 1 épices

1 cup of tuvar dal (it is a lentil) pressure cooked in 2 or 3 cups of water with a mittle curcumin
1 diced tomato
a little tamarind soaked in warm water for the juice to be extracted (if you don't have tamarind you could use one more tomato or a little puree)
1 tsp of spice for rasam (might be available at the Indian store as 'rasam powder' or 'sambar powder') 
1 tsp of ghee or just cooking oil for seasoning
1/2 mustard seeds1/2 cumin seeds
Fresh coriander for garnishing

Warm the oil and put in the mustard and cumin. Wait till it crackles
Pop in the diced tomatoes
Add spice and stir for a minute
Add the tamarind pulp and some water
Add salt and a little sugar to taste
Let the mixture boil for about 5 minites
Add the cooked lentils
Let it come once again to a boil
Take off flame and add the fresh coriander before serving with hot rice and a small topping (about a tsp) of clarified butter

There are a lot of ingredients to go in but if you have them all it's easy. There's an alternative recipe where the rasam spice is substituted with lemon, green chillies and ginger.